Selected Projects
International Projects

Educated NATO and UK Royal Navy representatives on existing and
near-term technology to reduce environmental emissions by providing
technical expertise to international government/industry teams in the
US and Europe.

Participated in technology presentation at NATO Headquarters in
Brussels. Appointed to NATO Industrial Advisory Group 50 to provide
engineering leadership for environmentally friendly 21st century
shipbuilding project.

Represented the products, services and solutions of Spanish software
company seeking entry into the US market

Evaluated market potential, demonstrated demand, developed
relationships with key customer accounts and provided critical
cross-cultural business guidance to company executives.
Marine Technology Development and Evaluation

Appointed Technical Director for 18-month, $1.2M design project,
part of $800M renewable energy program integrating advanced
engineering concepts and materials to generate 100MW of electricity
for power grid.  Co-author of two patents (award pending).

invented novel cost estimating software that reduced project financial
and design risk exposure

Redesigned critical management and reporting processes to
enhance control of a renewable energy R&D program jointly funded
for hundreds of millions of dollars by government and industry

Evaluated tidal and current renewable energy inventions in support of
the National Institute of Science and Technology
and private
to help ensure effective investment of government and
funds to inventors and businesses
Studies, Analyses, and White Papers

Spearheaded design of sophisticated computer tool roadmap to
provide US Navy with a precise blueprint for integrated, practical and
cost-effective, computer-aided design of all technical systems for
next-generation vessels

Improved US understanding of European and Asian advances in
computer-aided design and production systems by participating in
industry-university team exploring promising new technologies

Authored comprehensive text analyzing human factors in naval design,
eliminating information gaps between human factors and naval
engineering professionals

Edited technically complex systems and technical documents to
enhance operator effectiveness and safety